How Physiotherapy Helps

Posture and movement acquired in the early stage of life builds the foundation for future achievements and wellbeing. If the normal flow of development in babyhood appears to be slowed down, impaired or even blocked it is important to search for the reasons.

Unfortunately this search can be lengthy and is not always successful. In some children the reason for the motor disturbance might be identified but there is no available cure for the cause of the problem.

For all babies with motor developmental issues it is crucial to start an effective physiotherapy program immediately. Development happens rapidly in the first years and can only be influenced with an early and effective intervention. Good posture and well-coordinated physical skills acquired at that early age will be of great benefit to the child's entire life.

Sometimes, for various reasons, the establishment of abnormal movement patterns can't be avoided or changed. In those cases, physiotherapy is still crucial to help the children achieve their maximal potential in quality and quantity of posture and movement. Especially in those children, augmented physical skills lead to more self-confidence, greater mobility and better performance in all other areas.