Parent education

I am passionate about fully involving the child’s parents or carers in the assessment and treatment process. I believe that parents know their child’s problems and needs best and I trust their judgment.

Once we have trialled and established the most appropriate, comprehensive treatment regimen for the child, I endeavour to teach the techniques to one or both parents or carers so they can confidently repeat the program with their child in their home environment. In most cases it is more beneficial for the child to have the treatment in short, manageable bursts, a couple of times throughout the day as opposed to just one longer session with the physiotherapist once every fortnight. A daily exercise routine is the best way to enhance developmental progress of your child and is time and cost efficient for families.

Over time, I aspire to help parents and carers become experts in the treatment, handling and equipment use of their child. My role will be to coach, encourage, and correct the treatment of your child.

Together, we will constantly assess and discuss your child’s progress, therapy and support needs towards achieving their goals.