My Focus and Approach

I am a physiotherapist who has dedicated my working career to the treatment of babies and children with difficulties in posture, movement, and development. I feel great responsibility in helping young children in their motoric development, as this is a very crucial period in their lives. Physical abilities acquired at young age are essential for an independent life in adulthood. Together with parents and carers, we work on maximising the personal abilities of every child to give them all the chances they deserve.

To ensure the efficiency of the treatment, I thoroughly assess the child and we discuss the child's abilities and goals. I look at every child from a holistic point of view, aiming to support as many different aspects of their lives as possible. Besides different physiotherapy exercises this might include referrals to specialists and allied health professionals, equipment prescription, taping, strapping, handling, positioning advise and massage.

Through my work experience and many special courses I have taken here and overseas, I have a number of different treatment approaches and techniques on hand to fit the needs of every child and their families. I have a great passion for involving parents and carers fully into the treatment program, as a daily home exercise routine is most efficient for the progress of the child. It is also more time and cost effective for the families.

In the treatment session we trial and choose the most appropriate exercises and I accurately teach the chosen exercises to the parents, carers or other involved people. We practice together until everybody involved feels confident to repeat the exercises at home with the child.

At the next appointments we follow up with all questions, successes or problems concerning the therapy and any needed equipment, as well as the development of the child. We keep reviewing, readjusting and practicing the exercises each session.

Over time, parents or carers will become experts in the treatment of their child and my role becomes to supervise, coach, encourage, readjust and correct the treatment of their child. I assess and note the child's progress on their way towards their goal.