Equipment trials and prescription:

Equipment needs vary and are specific to every child and their families. Depending on your child, you might need as little as a small stool or cushion or as big as a power-drive wheelchair. Supporting your child in their leisure activities by providing, for example, a supportive bike or a beach wheelchair is as important as looking after their other everyday needs. In my assessment, or over the course of the development of your child, we will discuss the need for equipment and the choices available.

I am able to prescribe all equipment relevant to the physiotherapy area. I have dealt with many different equipment suppliers over the years and I know the wide range of available equipment and accessories. Taking availability, practicality, price, funding options, and feedback from families into account, we will discuss, source and trial the relevant choices of equipment available to your child.

Equipment funding:

  • In Queensland MASS or CAEATI funding is available to most clients and I am more than happy to help with all the required paperwork.
  • Better Start or NDIS funding is available to eligible clients and I am able to facilitate claims through them.
  • I can prepare recommendations for equipment to help secure funding from charities or to support claims with private health care funds.

Please feel free to ask me about funding options for your child’s equipment.