Below is a list of my most frequently asked questions.

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How long is a treatment session usually?

Answer   One hour for children with complex needs, 30-45 minutes for orthopaedic or less complex conditions read more

When is the best time to start physiotherapy treatment with my child?

Answer   As soon as possible! When you notice something is not going well in your child’s development you should see a paediatric physiotherapist for assessment and possible treatments, especially if waiting times for your paediatrician or other examinations are long.
The child’s development in the early years of life goes quickly and is the foundation for a whole life to come. Catching up on missed opportunities and needing to correct abnormal posture and movement is much harder than possibly avoiding problems by commencing treatment early. Posture and movement are like habits, the longer you have an unwanted habit, the harder it is to break.

How often do I need to come and see you?

Answer   This will depend on you, your child’s needs and goals and on your location. We will discuss this individually.

How often do I need to exercise with my child?

Answer   This will depend on your child’s needs and goals, your time and your commitment. We will assess and discuss this regularly in our sessions.

Can I use my child’s Better Start or NDIS Funding?

Answer   Yes, I am a Better Start and NDIS provider read more

Can I use Medicare or private health care rebates?

Answer   Yes, Medicare and Healthcare rebates are welcome. read more

Coming from interstate, how do I get started with Vojta therapy?

Answer   I can schedule in an intensive week of Vojta therapy for anyone coming from interstate read more

Do you do home visits?

Answer   Yes, if necessary and not too far away. Additional fees may apply.

Do you do childcare or school visits?

Answer   Yes, if required and not too far away. Additional fees may apply.

How can I get the necessary equipment for my child?

Answer   I will assess and we will discuss your child’s equipment needs during the physio session. When possible, we will organise a trial and progress prescription and sourcing read more

Can you trial TheraTogs with my child?

Answer   Yes, I am a certified TeraTogs fitter and can organize a trial for you. read more

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