Neurodevelopmental Treatment and Task Practice

Neurodevelopmental Treatment (Bobath/NDT)

Neurodevelopment Treatment (Bobath/NDT) is a treatment approach developed to treat neuromotor deficits, posture and movement disorders. Techniques include inhibition of atypical movement and facilitation of typical movement patterns to encourage increased functional skill development. The therapist facilitates movement using handling techniques, which gently guide as well as inhibit unwanted movement or reflexes.

I use facilitation and inhibition techniques to guide children through movements and positions they long for but spontaneously can’t do on their own, like getting up on all fours, crawling or standing.

I also make sure that parents learn how to facilitate posture and alignment and inhibit unwanted reflexes while picking their child up and carrying their child.

Task practise/ providing opportunities

This approach provides children with guidance and opportunities to practise skills and tasks in the session as well as in their home environment.

Setting up the child’s environment, using appropriate toys and playing games that enhance the child’s mobility, are part of reinforcing and integrating their improved movements into everyday life. I always make sure I include advice about the home environment so child driven, informal skill use and practice can take place at home. If distances are not too far, I can provide home, childcare or school visits to facilitate task practice in the child’s environment.